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Welcome to Plane Spotters Log - your online spotting log book

Key Features

  1. Online System - Access your log book from anywhere on any device at any time as long as you have an internet connection
  2. Free - Our basic system is FREE, unlimited logs, unlimited events.
  3. Ease of use - Our system is very user friendly
  4. Community - We have an online community which is FREE for all members
  5. Search by Aircraft, Operator, Manafacturer, Registration and many more
  6. Trip reports - Easy to see trip reports
  7. Printable reports - Print our your spotting logs in hard copy
  8. Visual and Radar spotters supported - We support both Physical and Radar spotters.
  9. Statistics - View your in depth statistics and those of others
  10. View other members spottings
  11. Unlimited Spots
  12. Unlimited Events
  13. Extended features for "Professional" users - Extra logging features for the professional users, professional level only costs £7 per year opposed to £5 per month on other websites
  14. CSV export of your logs
  15. Import of logs - you can import your logs from other applications by contacting us.
  16. Data correction - Our systems check every 30 minutes for errors in the data and automatically correct those it finds.
  17. Coming soon - Search for MODES (professional users)
  18. FREE import for users
If you are a user please contact and we will import your data and account into our systems